Our Story

van Wyk (pronounced [fun-vake]).
A family name from Dutch origin.

The van Wyk brand was found by a young woman, Anja van Wyk.  She was born and raised in a small
town in the heart of South Africa. With her passion for jewelry and her amazing team, she was able to
create a brand of jewelry that is timeless, fashionable, yet affordable for all modern women. 

Pieces that you could wear every day, not only for special occasions and wear time and time again.
Simple but with attitude, our brand of minimalistic jewelry was born with an eye on trendy and vintage
inspirations. The van Wyk brand is for women who want to keep it simple but with a timeless look.
Our jewelry is made from fine 925 sterling silver, which is plated in beautiful tones. Each delicate
minimalistic jewelry design was thoughtfully handpicked.  It is designer jewelry, without the price tag.
van Wyk works to aim for bold and strong emotions! We want to join you in new places, new
experiences, new moods, and new achievements! Van Wyk is easily understood, effortless and timeless!
Minimalistic jewelry that will last a lifetime.